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Automation & Drive Division
Systems & Designs   Machinery Automation   Process Automation   Power Distribution  
Phoenix Machinery Automation & Drive Division designs, develops and integrates adequate, innovative and cost-effective automation solutions. The division serves the industrial field on system integrator basis to cover machinery automation, process automation and power distribution sections.

It also provides solutions and services for electronic and embedded systems on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) basis particularly for the business-to-consumer machine manufacturers.

Phoenix Automation & Drive Division serves companies in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as Phoenix Machinery, Phoenix Energy, INDEVCO Group affiliates.

Systems & Designs

Phoenix Machinery’s systems feature centralized intelligence, distributed intelligence, remote assistance services and user-friendly Human Machine Interfaces HMIs (touch screens, embedded assistance, recopies, batches and others).

Our designs and systems comply with international standards, such as International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), British Standard.

We have recently begun serving the power generation sector by providing sectional or turnkey solutions for power generation, transmission, distribution and management.

Our work covers study, engineering, design services, legal permits, fabrication factory testing, delivery to site, unloading, civil works, installing, testing and commissioning. Our design and engineering services include single line diagram, longitudinal section layout, sag and tension table, stringing chart table, short circuit analysis, temperature and loadings schedule, architectural and civil layouts.

Machinery Automation

Phoenix Machinery Automation & Drive Division provides customized and standardized solutions for industries, such as tissue converting, paper converting, hygiene disposable products, plastic extrusion, packaging and strapping, offset and flexographic printing, CNC precision parts and other industries.

We upgrade existing machinery lines partially and totally, such as automating complex operations, increasing machines efficiency, integrating quality control system, migrating from SIEMENS S5 to SIEMENS S7 platforms and switching from line shaft to sectional servo driven system, virtual line shaft, angular synchronization, profile cam, motion correlation and shear cutters.

Phoenix has been an Official Siemens System Integrator since 2004. Our team of engineers is well-versed in the latest automation platforms, such as Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradely), Moeller, Mitsubishi, NI (National Instruments), Lenze, ABB Leroy Sommer, Control Techniques and Schneider.

Process Automation

The process automation section is a major part of Phoenix Machinery’s product portfolio and serves the process supervision in various fields, such as water treatment, chemicals, pulp and paper. We utilize PCS7 from SIEMENS as standard software. Our systems comply with various interfaces through the OPC connectivity. We also utilize the high-speed buses, either via copper or fiber optic medium, in order to achieve the required connectivity.

Whether your existing system needs a turnkey solution or a sectional upgrade, we provide a solution that boosts your production capacity and upgrades it to a higher level of efficiency and reliability.

Power Distribution

Phoenix Machinery provides multiple solutions for power generation, such as hydraulic and wind turbines, gas and diesel generators and bio-fuel boilers.

We provide the adequate solution for high-voltage, medium-voltage or low-voltage transmission and distribution covering overhead transmission, underground cabling, conversion and protection.

Our solutions play an essential part in electric transmission reliability, quality and safety. Power management is achieved through an advanced automation platform, which provides essential digital solutions to the real-time automation of electricity transmission and distribution networks.
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