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Tissue & Paper Converting
  Product Description Specifications/Features
 Phoenix Machinery Tissue & Paper Converting New Machinery
Phoenix Machinery Tissue & Paper Converting Division produces new machinery for the tissue and paper converting industry, such as napkin machines, single drum jumbo slitter rewinder lines and inline tail sealers.

Paper Napkin Machines
  • Double-out, double transfer vacuum type napkin folding head with a speed up to 1200 sheet per minute
  • Point-to-point embosser with a width up to 800 mm
  • Steel-to-paper border embossing stations for the paper napkin sizes: 40x40 cm, 33x33 cm, 24x24 cm
  • Printing station with up to 4 color printing with doctor chambers & ink pumps with a drying cassette
  • Calendaring unit pneumatically-actuated
  • A turret type unwind stand with roll diameter up to 1500 mm & web width up to 800 mm
Single Drum Jumbo Slitter Rewinder Lines
  • 2 or 3 unwind stands with roll diameter up to 1500 mm & web width up to 2750 mm
  • Embossing stations with micro-micro/macro patterns, point- to-point or nested embossers based on to customer requests
  • Up to 4 color printing stations consisting of central impression flexo printers or stack type printers
  • Slitting & rewinding head with constant winding tension at speeds up to 600 m/min & web width up to 2750 mm
Inline Tail Sealer for Turret Type Rewinders
  • Inline module mounted on rewinder head
  • Compact & friendly user design
  • Up to 25 logs/min with width up to 3 m
  • Can be installed on any turret type rewinder
 Phoenix Machinery Refurbishing & Upgrading of Used Machinery
Phoenix Machinery Tissue & Paper Converting Division refurbishes and upgrades used machinery for the tissue converting and paper industry.

Toilet Tissue & Towel Rewinders

Phoenix Machinery Tissue & Paper Converting Division upgrades PCMC rewinder series 150, 200 and 250, including:
  • Variable perforation
  • Servo metered winding
  • Sectional drive
  • Deep cut-off
In addition to the refurbishing option, we hold a large inventory of rewinding machines with embossers, printers, unwind stands, log accumulators and log saws. Rewinder lines include flexo printers, point-to-point, nested and micro-macro embossers, edge embossers, lotioners, and rewinder heads.

Facial Inter Folder Machinery

Phoenix Machinery conducts deep or light refurbishing on facial converting machines with 4, 6 or 7 lanes output with speed up to 1100 sheets per minute.

Tissue Packaging Machinery Lines

Phoenix Machinery holds an inventory of wrappers, over wrappers and baggers for bathroom toilet tissue and paper towel packaging.
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