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Phoenix Machinery CNC Division is a high precision manufacturer for tools and dies shop specializing in thermo-former blister tooling for the pharmaceutical industry, combining quality with technical expertise and quick turnaround for all tooling needs.

Using customers’ product and specifications, we will send in one week, a complete blister layout engineered and designed on our CAD system along with a quote for the tooling required. Upon approval of the blister layout, the tooling will be designed and manufactured at our facility.

We design and manufacture tooling for all intermittent thermoforming machines including Uhlmann,Klockner-MoellerGamma, as well as for continuous rotary thermoforming machines such as: Bosch,UhlmannIMA, Servac, Cam and others.

We work with the customer to satisfy all of his needs, whether he needs a tool designed and delivered to meet a production deadline, or a specialty tool for a specific need. We are constantly striving to adapt to the changing needs of the thermoforming industry.

Our engineers, shop leaders and technicians have combined experience on thermoform and cold form tooling for all major European manufactured form-fill-seal machines.

We welcome all inquiries concerning technical support, product availability and requests for quotation.

Tooling we manufacture:

  • Complete sets of tooling forming station
  • Guide tracks or rails
  • Upper & lower sealing tools standard, direct heated, hardened, flat & knurled
  • Sealing drums
  • Perforation dies
  • Cutting dies
  • Simtap
  • Vibratory feeders
  • Universal feeders

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