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Phoenix Machinery Hygiene Converting Division produces AD-250 adult diaper machine, our standard speed platform that is designed to produce the high end adult incontinence diapers/nappies.

Features may also be customized.

Production Speed 250 meters per minute or 250 adult diapers per minute, whichever occurs first.

Product Features

  • Product dimensional range 710 – 975 mm long, width up to 800 mm
  • RDC for diaper shaping
  • Multi zone formation system
  • Dual core design
  • Core de-bulking
  • Leg cuff
  • Acquisition and Distribution Layer (ADL) application
  • Frontal tape application
  • Tab tape application
  • Straight cuffs & side elastics application
  • Double tab tape
  • Bi-tri fold
  • Waist band application (optional)

Process Features

  • New web handling techniques
  • Shaped bonding units
  • Full speed splicing system
  • Latest hot melt technologies
  • Advanced QCS system
  • Vision system integration
  • Horizontal stacking & counting system
  • SIEMENS servodrive
  • Easy size change
  • High safety measures conformity

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