Baby Diaper Tab Tape Cut & Place (BD-TTCP)

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Phoenix Machinery Hygiene Converting Division manufactures baby diaper tab tape cut and place (BD-TTCP) unit for pulling, cutting and placing of the pre-glued tab tape. The cutting device is followed by a tape folding and pressing system.

  • Up to 600 cuts/min
  • Tape width up to 65 mm
  • Cutting length up to 35 mm
  • Independent Servo driven system
  • Diaper chassis width from 290 to 380 mm
  • Knife lubrication system
  • Raw material free unwinding system
  • Safe feeding system
  • Ease of unit adjustment
  • Torque limiting device with phase shifting unit (optional)
  • Ejection control system (optional)
  • Built-in tape guiding systems (optional)

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