Feminine Sanitary Napkin Machinery 500 (LN-500)

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Phoenix Machinery Hygiene Converting Division manufactures feminine sanitary napkin machine (LN-500). Our standard speed platform is designed to produce the ultra thin or fluffy feminine napkins.

Production Speed
125 meters per minute or 500 feminine napkins per minute whichever occurs first.

Features may also be customized.

Common Product Features

  • Product dimensional range 210 – 360 mm long, width up to 165 mm (including wings)
  • Top sheet with side panels
  • ADL application
  • Channel embossing
  • Release tape applicator
  • Crimping
  • Wings folding
  • Wing tape application
  • Bi-tri folding
  • Individual napkin PE wrapping
  • Stickers for PE wrap

Process Features

  • Full speed splicing system
  • Easy switching between tri-folded & straight products
  • Latest hot melt technologies
  • Automatic trim ejection system
  • Advanced QCS system
  • Siemens servo drive
  • Easy size change
  • High safety measures conformity

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