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Phoenix Machinery Tissue & Paper Converting Division produces new machinery for the tissue and paper converting industry, such as napkin machines, single drum jumbo slitter rewinder lines and inline tail sealers.

Paper Napkin Machines

  • Double-out, double transfer vacuum type napkin folding head with a speed up to 1200 sheet per minute
  • Point-to-point embosser with a width up to 800 mm
  • Steel-to-paper border embossing stations for the paper napkin sizes: 40×40 cm, 33×33 cm, 24×24 cm
  • Printing station with up to 4 color printing with doctor chambers & ink pumps with a drying cassette
  • Calendaring unit pneumatically-actuated
  • A turret type unwind stand with roll diameter up to 1500 mm & web width up to 800 mm

Single Drum Jumbo Slitter Rewinder Lines

  • 2 or 3 unwind stands with roll diameter up to 1500 mm & web width up to 2750 mm
  • Embossing stations with micro-micro/macro patterns, point- to-point or nested embossers based on to customer requests
  • Up to 4 color printing stations consisting of central impression flexo printers or stack type printers
  • Slitting & rewinding head with constant winding tension at speeds up to 600 m/min & web width up to 2750 mm

Inline Tail Sealer for Turret Type Rewinders

  • Inline module mounted on rewinder head
  • Compact & friendly user design
  • Up to 25 logs/min with width up to 3 m
  • Can be installed on any turret type rewinder

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