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Phoenix Machinery provides a wide range of engineering services for tissue converters and paper manufacturers, such as:

Flow Diagram
Basic illustration of the stock preparation process, including the main equipment listing & approximate daily capacity.

Detailed Process & Instrumentation Diagrams
A detailed description of the tissue or paper making process includes pumps, valves, instrumentations & control loops. The previously-mentioned equipments are fully-described in the Piping and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID) with maximum capacity and the actual process use.

Mass Balance
A detailed calculation of the accept and reject rates for all the equipment in the process, interlinked to generate the total fiber loss in the process along with the detailed water demand and balance.

Equipment Selection & Sizing
Selection of the proper stock preparation equipments and their corresponding motors in order to meet with the process demand and operating conditions based on the flow sheet & P&ID.

Pump, Pipe & Valve Sizing
Hydraulic calculation of the losses in the systems with recommended pipe sizing & valves selection to minimize operating costs.

Plant 3D Drawings
Detailed virtual illustration of the plants, including 3D drawings for the civil engineering, machinery, pipes & supports to simulate & predict any collisions during installation.

Detailed shop drawings for the installation of the equipments, piping & instrumentation to facilitate the prefabrication operation during the installation.

Stress Analysis for Pipes
Stress analysis using dedicated software for the steam piping & special pipes in the process.

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