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Delivery in 5 months 

The machine is a production line for classical Baby Diaper products.
It is capable to make product with the following structure:

  • Top sheet with wide cuffs & cuff elastic
  • Fluff core with SAP; 3D shaped
  • Core wrapping with upper and lower carrying layers
  • Pre laminated Back sheet
  • Frontal tape glued on line
  • Tab tape application
  • ADL application
  • Bi folding

The scope of supply includes:

  • Pulp Unwind
  • Defibrating unit
  • Pad forming section
  • 3 pocket sets ( New Born, Small, Medium)
  • SAP applicator
  • Pad conveying
  • Transversal cutting unit
  • Feeding system for carrying layer
  • Feeding system for top sheet layer
  • Feeding system for N/W cuffs
  • Feeding system for PE back sheet
  • Feeding system for ADL layer
  • ADL applicator
  • Feeding system for leg & cuffs elastic
  • Feeding system for frontal tape
  • Frontal tape applicator with cut in phase option
  • Cuffs making & application
  • Tape unwind
  • Tape puller
  • Two Edge guiding systems for tape
  • Tape cut & place with vacuum pump
  • Tape Folding unit
  • BEST CUTTING DIE crotch cutting unit
  • Vacuum fan for trim collection
  • Longitudinal folding
  • Pressing belts before & after final cut
  • Final cutting stand
  • Bi folding system
  • Hot melt system
  • Jig hoists

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